Startseite Lightweight Construction and Composite Technology (ACHTUNG: englischsprachig auslaufend) (Master)

Siegel ASIIN 2012 - 2017
  • accredited program
  • held in English (until 2016/17)
  • starting in German in summer 2017 (Master Leichtbau- und Faserverbundtechnologie >> here)

Our download center provides relevant documents such the degree syllabus and examination regulations, the curriculum and the module catalogue. Please note: although the degree syllabus and examination regulations are available in English, for legal reasons only the German versions of these documents are legally enforceable and binding. 

Contact for the degree programme

Faculty academic advisor              Professor Dr Matthias Schlägel
Director of studies Professor Dr Matthias Schlägel

Contacts at the Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering

Dean Professor Dr Joachim Voßiek
Assistant to the Dean`s office Birgit Lottes, Dipl. Geogr.
Vice Dean Professor Dr Hubert Wittreck
Academic Dean Professor Dr Stefan Murza
Faculty Assistant Alexandra Klein, Dipl. Betriebsw. (FH)
Library officer Professor Dr Ingo Bolling
Head of the examination board    Professor Dr Michael Glöckler
International coordinator Professor Dr Joachim Voßiek
Women`s representative Professor Dr Alexandra Jördening
Advisor for student internships Professor Dr Franz Josef Lange

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