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The „International Business & Finance (IBF)“ Master Program is a full-time, truly global program, which will inspire and challenge you over 18 months as you develop strategic, financial, business and leadership capabilities. All lectures are taught entirely in English. The program attracts therefore students from all over the world (see folder: “IBF-Master Student Feedback”). Due to its up-to date program design and its focus on International Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, International Banking (incl. Investment Banking), International Management and Corporate Strategy theories, topics and case studies we have been faced with a massive growth of applications and students and could position our Master as one of the international university benchmark programs.

Today’s employers want Master students to be equipped to work in an international, dynamic, and disruptive marketplace and competitive environment with social responsibility.  Therefore our vision is to assist student to become “sought after personalities”, bridging the gap between first class theory competencies and a good sense for global business reality. Our IBF Master Program builds therefore upon an integrated view, which blends indepth strategic, economic and financial thinking, but integrates it into a broader, holistic view. Critical thinking in a complex and challenging global competitive environment as well as finding solutions of financial, business, social, environmental and last not least cultural challenges is our target. The executive design of our Master program integrates traditional lectures with distinct discussions, presentations and team works on term papers.

To strengthen your international management, finance and leadership skills - as required in today’s challenging global markets - the program leverages an excellent, up-to-date teaching environment and skills at our Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. You will as well work in a truly international setting and a global peer group. According our “Classroom theory matches Corporate World” concept lectures will be framed by presentations, research projects, Master Thesis, company visits and discussions with Blue Chip Corporates, Investment Banks, M&A advisers and Strategy Consultancies (our so-called: “Blue Chips Lectures series”).

In summary the IBF Program gives you the edge in a truly global, disruptive and highly competitive environment. Developing a distinctive, high-quality skillset it will supercharge your career.

The “International Business & Finance (IBF)” Master Program enables you…

The IBF-Master Program Design:

We start traditionally our IBF-Program with a Boot-Camp in our beautiful castle close-by to Augsburg (see attached photos from the start of our latest Master class in the folder “IBF Boot Camp”).

Targets of our Boot-Camp are besides setting the stage to start ramping up the social network with your peers and teaching staff, to “overcome the cultural clash” of a truly global program and the improvement of your presentation skills. With the start of our new winter term program we will have as well a board member of a German multi-bn. International Corporate with us on one evening event.

3 terms:

1st term: Key concepts of International Business and Finance


2nd term: Studies Abroad (at one of our international partner universities) or Strategy & Finance Modules at HSA@


3rd term: Special Topics and Competencies of International Business and Finance


Learning mode:

Please find more information with respect to our study program in the folder “IBF-Master Program Flyer” of this web-page.

The Augsburg University of Applied Sciences offers you…


The “International Business & Finance (IBF)” Master Program highlights


Application Period and Prerequisits





Application period for Winter term 2016: May 1st - June 15th

Program director:           Prof. Dr. Thorsten Feix

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Address:                                University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

                                     86161 Augsburg

                                     An der Hochschule 1


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