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The wings contain the servos for the aileron control. The wings must be detachable, i.e. it is not possible to have a permanent servo cable connection.


Building instructions

The following image shows the final cable from the M5 Connector to the PixRacer. This cable is equipped with the socket connector - the plug is attached to the cable from the servo.

M5 to Pixracer Cable

The next image shows the solder view of the socket connector. The yellow cable has to be on the left side.

Solder view

  • Cut 4cm of the transparent shrinking tube and put it on the cable
  • Add the metal screw to the cable
  • Separate the yellow, red and brown cable for about 5cm
  • Add about 5mm of the 1.2mm shrinking tube to the red and the brown cable.
  • Remove the isolation for about 4mm and twist and tin the wires.
  • Fix the socket and the wire with a helping hand
  • Solder the wire with a thin solder iron. Select a temperature of 270°C.

The next image shows the socket after the solder process.

Socket after soldering

The next image shows the small shrinking tubes moved over the solder connections.

Socket with 1.2mm shrinking tubes

  • Now shrink the black shrinking tubes with a heat gun. With the Heinel EL 1910 E heat gun select temperature “4” with maximum air speed.
  • Move the 4mm/1mm transparent shrinking tube over the cable and the socket.
  • Shrink with the heat gun and make sure that the hot glue seals the cable and the socket.
  • Make sure that the screw can still be turned after shrinking and cooling.

Socket with 1.2mm shrinking tubes


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