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By using augmented reality we reinvented the traditional game „battleship“.
Do you want to play a classical and fun game with the newest and trendiest technology?
Then you really have to play seAR battle!!! This is an augmented reality game of the classical game „battleship“.

„Sear" ship by ship of your enemy until every ship is sunk and show who´s the best captain of the seAR battle!
There are two players, where every player has 4 ships and the players shoot turn by turn.
If you hit/sear an enemy ship, you get an additional shot.
If all of the enemy ships have been completely destroyed, you are the best captain of seAR battle and you win the game!

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low poly ship


We are a group of six master students who developed an augmented reality sea battle game.
App Development: Camilla, Chris, Irena
UX Research, Design: Julia, Majella, Stephanie

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