Gualterus Map

ca. 1135 - ca. 1209





Gualteri Mapes De nugis curialium. Distinctiones quinque

ed. from the unique manuscript in the Bodleian Library at Oxford by Thomas Wright

London 1850/New York 1968

The Latin poems commonly attributed to Walter Mapes

coll. and ed. by Thomas Wright

London 1841/New York 1968

Walter Map, De Nugis Curialium

ed. by Montague Rhodes James, Oxford 1914

Walter Map, De Nugis Curialium. Courtiers' Trifles

ed. and translat. by Montague Rhodes James

revised by C. N. C. Brooke and R. A. B. Mynors (Oxford Medieval Texts), Oxford 1983/94


versio electronica:

Ulrich Harsch 2006