Jonathan Swift

1667 - 1745


The Author


Jonathan Swift, author and satirist, famous for Gulliver's Travels, was born in Dublin in 1667. After graduating from Trinity College, Dublin, he became secretary to Sir William Temple, a diplomat and essayist. He was ordained in 1694, and was given a prebend at St Patrick's in Dublin. In order to enter politics he made regular trips to London, where he published his first satires. In 1710 he became editor of the Examiner, the journal of the Tories. Together with Pope, Gay and others he founded the Scriblerus Club. After the change of government in 1714, his friends procured him the deanery of St. Patrick's in Dublin and he returned to Ireland. There he was to remain for the rest of his life. In 1745 he died in Dublin.


Jonathan Swift



The Works (Selection)


A Tale of a Tube (170471710)    >>>

The Battle of the Books (1704/1710)    >>>

Thoughts on Various Subjects (1706/26)

The Bickerstaff Papers (1707/09)

An Argument against Abolishing Christianity (1708)

Hints Towards an Essay on Conversation (1710)

Resolutions When I Come to Be Old (1719)

The Drapier's Letters (1724)

Gulliver's Travels (1726)    >>> (Google)

A Description of what the World Calls Discretion (1728)

A Modest Proposal (1729)