Edward Young

1683 - 1765


The Complaint,

or Night Thoughts

on Life, Time, Friendship,

Death, and Immortality:


In Nine Nights



Edward Young: Night Thoughts on Life, Death, and Immortality.

Revised and collated with the early Quarto editions

by Dr. [John] Doran, London: William Tegg, 1859

Source: The Internet Archive






Title (1743)



Night I: On Life, Death, And Immortality

Night II: On Time, Death, And Friendship

Night III: Narcissa

Night IV: The Christian Triumph

Night V: The Relapse

Night VI: The Infidel Reclaimed, Part I

Night VII: The Infidel Reclaimed, Part II

Night VIII: Virtue's Apology; or, The Man of the World Answered

Night IX: The Consolation