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Wissenswertes für Studierende der Fakultät für Gestaltung an der Hochschule Augsburg (HSA)

Exhibition: About the History of Infographics

An Exhibition of rare collectibles

at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

“Those who know nothing, have to believe everything.“ This is the motto of an exhibition about the recent history of infographics, that will take place at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences’ Department of Design. The exhibition has three parts. A historic review is dating back to the time of Leonardo da Vinci, and provides a general view to the roots of infographics. This part of the exhibition is provided by our partner university, „Universidad de Navarra“, Pamplona (Spain) and the Society for News Design’s spanish chapter.

The center of the exhibition consists of the private collection of Prof. Michael Stoll, whose book treasures give an overview over the field of infographics from the turn of the 20th Century on to the late 1980s. The oldest collectible is dated 1900 – it is a statistical atlas of the United States that shows results of the 1876 census. It illustrates the development of the U.S., including its most populated areas, presented mainly via thematic maps and charts in color. Also on display is a copy of „Flight thru Instruments“, dated 1945. It is a U.S. Navy Training Manual with outstanding graphics, describing – among other things – how to pilot an military airplane and what forces affecting a plane in flight.

While the two specimens described above were purchased specifically over the internet, there are also lucky finds from flea markets. “For example, the large-car book, published by the ADAC. It is one of my favorite pieces,” said Prof. Stoll. This “practical guide for every driver” dates from 1976 and shows the variety of motorized models down to the smallest details of their construction.

The third part of the exhibition is dedicated to infographics in its current form, represented by student work from the past five years. Julia Rochser’s work for example deals with a rather creepy topic: Forensic Etomologie. She designed an infographic that enables forensic investigators to easily read a victims time of death based on insect colonization on the corpse.

The exhibition is accompanied by a week-long workshop, held by John Grimwade, who is Head of Infographics at the New York based publisher Condé Nast. Following the exhibition’s opening, Grimwade will give a public talk in room M1.01.

Augsburg University of Applied Sciences,
Campus at the Red Gate,
Room K1.01

Exhibition is open: 31st May to 28th June 2011 (only by appointment, see below)
Opening: Tuesday, 31st May, 6.30 p.m.
Contact: Prof. Michael Stoll

E-Mail: mstoll

On request we offer tours for groups or individuals.
If interested please contact the secretary of the Faculty of Design at: +49 (0) 821 5586-3401

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