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Wissenswertes für Studierende der Fakultät für Gestaltung an der Hochschule Augsburg (HSA)

Sonja Melzer (Bachelorette SS2011)

Quickly clever
An argumentation for infographics as a effective technique to learn

There are infographics everywhere we go, but often we don´t recognize them. My targeted objective is to bring to mind, that infographics can help us to learn and understand very quickly. By explaining various objects and processes in public places, the viewer easily learns about them by passing. The building of the Department of Design of the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences is used as an example for my concept.

Come see my work during the upcoming final degree show at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences’ Department of Design: Fakultät für Gestaltung KSCH 2011 //

Contact: Sonja

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