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Wissenswertes für Studierende der Fakultät für Gestaltung an der Hochschule Augsburg (HSA)

Julia Rochser (Bachelorette SS2011)

What do you know about the contents of your medicine cabinet? Are you aware about possible side effects? One might think that should all be written on the package insert, but thats not necessarily the case.

How does the drug act, which organs are affected and what is the threshold value for adverse effects? Which dose is therapeutical, and what can you do once you overdose?

How big is the difference between an adult and a child concerning an appopriate dose and which reciprocal effects may arise? Furthermore, what has design to do with the whole thing?

Questions upon questions. The infographical conversion of a medical topic poses quite a challenge. It requires a compact, easily understandable and yet functional solution.

In this spirit: Sola dose facit venenum – the dose alone makes a poison.

Come see my work during the upcoming final degree show at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences’ Department of Design: Fakultät für Gestaltung KSCH 2011 //

Julia Rochser (Riku-Rochser)

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