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Wissenswertes für Studierende der Fakultät für Gestaltung an der Hochschule Augsburg (HSA)

Erich Hofmann: Stadtplan Konstanz (1969/70)

Recently i obtained a map, that i was looking for for a long time. I couldn’t find it on the obvious websites. I was interested to get a copy, because it shows the city i grew up at the time i grew up there. It’s also the city, where i went to school and to university. Its Konstanz at the Lake of Constance, down in the southmost part of Germany with a border to Switzerland.

My former professor, Bernd Jahnke, recently showed me his copy of the map and this fueled my searching again. But with no success on the internet. But here’s the story, how i got my copy:

During our meeting Bernd Jahnke pointed out, that there was a copy of the map on display at the entrance of a parking garage in the center of Konstanz. So i took a photo of it and published a small classified advertising in the local newspaper Südkurier ( That newspaper has a daily circulation of about 390.000. There should be at least one reader in the area, i thought.

Also the day my ad was published i was sitting next to my phone all the time, n-o-b-o-d-y called. One week later a guy from “the other end of Germany” (north of Hamburg) called me, asking wether i still was looing for a copy. He was willing to gift his copy to me, after i told him about my collection.

I was curious to lern, how he found my advertising and he told me the following. His newspaper’s copy already went to the dump, when a friend asked for it. While handing over the copy to his friend he discovered my ad and pulled the map out of a stack down in the basement.

But why is somebody reading a newspaper from the other end of Germany. It turned out, that he was born in Konstanz, went to northern Germany for his whole business life and now is planning to return. For that reason he subscribed to the saturday edition only – to find a new home.

He agreeed to bring the map to Konstanz, hand it over to my parents in law, where i picked it up recently. What a story, don’t you think?

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