Architektur Architektur und Design International
Yuet Lam_Capsule Project
07.06.2021 - 31.07.2021


Architektur (B.A.)
Prof. M.Arch. Katinka Temme



Design and produce a functional and unique structure using a surface or a folded plate structure is the topic of this years international collaborative workshop with Osaka Institute of Technology and alphaville architects

After a very exciting workshop in collaboration with the National Institute of Technology Akashi College and Prof. Adriana Higashino, the department of architecture is excited to host another virtual and international format.

While the workshop with Akashi College focused on the history of Japanese architecture and paper as a building technique and material, the course with the Osaka Institute focuses on cardboard as a durable building material. The tradition of paper crafts and folding techniques is most probably known in Origami art. However, through works of renown architect Shigeru Ban, paper as a 1:1 building material has become increasingly popular, especially due to sustainable and structural benefits.

We are very excited to continue the year-long Japanese-German exchange with those two exciting formats.

Beteiligte Personen

Prof. Asako Yamamoto

Prof. Adriana Higashino

Prof. Katinka Temme