Foreign exchange students (Come In)


If you are enrolled at one of our partner institutions and want to come to Augsburg for one or two semesters, you may enrol in all courses of the faculty for Electrical Engineering (except for Bachelor colloquium, Bachelor thesis and Industrial Internship) - Wenn Sie an einer Partnerinstitution eingeschrieben sind und sich für einen ein- oder zweisemestrigen Austausch interssieren, können Sie an allen Kursen der Fakultät Elektrotechnik teilnehmen (außer Bachelor-Kolloquium, Bachelorarbeit und Industriepraktikum).

Courses in English

Courses in German :

Electrical Engineering Bachelor

Mechatronics Bachelor

Courses for both

Bachelor programme for foreign students:

Please refer to the normal application process .


Summer semester = March/15 - July/31, Winter semester = Oct/01 - Feb/15

Bachelor level (Electrical Engineering/Mechatronics)

Course numberCourse titleSemesterECTS
E704Human Machine InterfaceWinter2
E704Matlab/SimulinkSummer + Winter2
 Smart Grids FundamentalsWinter2


Master level (Mechatronic Systems)


all courses available only in SUMMER!

Course numberCourse titleECTS
EEE536Control & Automation5
EEE5XZPower Electronics and Electrical Drives5
EEE5YZRenewable Energy & Smart Grids5
EEE535VLSI Design5
MEC516MEMS Material and System Simulation5







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