Gastvortrag Jonas Gross

Libra - The Future of Money?

13.12.2019, 14:00
W 1.05

Recently, Facebook has announced the release of its own digital currency 'Libra'. In this lecture, you will learn the basics of Libra, incl. the following aspects: What is Libra’s organizational structure? How can Libra be classified from a macroeconomic perspective? What is the expected impact on the financial sector and on industrial and developing economies in general? How does the Libra Blockchain work? What is Libra's impact on the monetary policy of national central banks?

Gastvortrag Jonas Gross
Foto: Jonas Gross


Jonas Gross is a project manager and research assistant at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC). His fields of interest are primarily crypto currencies. Besides, in the context of his PhD he analyzes the impact of blockchain technology on the monetary policy of worldwide central banks. He mainly studies innovations as central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and central bank crypto currencies (CBCC). You can contact him via mail ([Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]), LinkedIn ( and via Xing (