• Development of an architectural design on the basis of systems technology, the system of the building envelope and the building as a technical system
  • Applying a procedure model to the design based on construction methods
  • Behavior of the building construction under stationary and non-stationary environmental influences. System dynamics of the building. Special technical functions of the building construction for energy efficiency.
  • Behavior of the building envelope with regard to system technology. Relationship between construction and equilibration.
Qualification Objectives

The students learn the fundamental concepts of system structuring. They are familiar with how the building envelope is integrated into the general system mindset of building technology. They can separate geometry from construction and design in system components and redefine systems on an abstract level. They are able to develop a construction based on the building technology status, certify the degree of insulation and assess it for its sustainability.As part of a project, they are able to synthesize the systems on the boundaries of construction technology on the basis of the thought processes they have learnt.