• Introduction to research using academic publications and practical exercises (library)
  • Introduction to computer-supported citing and practical exercises (library)
  • Analysis of academic texts, processing and editing information
  • The organization of an academic paper and practical exercises; the students present their work to the groupand- Discussion of the first draft outlines
  • Using word processing and presentation templates- Students are given a topic which they are to work on individually using academic methods- Presentation of the preliminary results of the project work on a specified number of presentation slides; group analysis of the presentation time
  • The work is presented to all of the students in a 10-minute talk
Qualification objectives

This module teaches the students academic working methods. They then use the methods they have learnt for a practical project on a given topic. The students are taught how to research, analyze and cite from academic publications. The objective is to teach the students how to structure and write anacademic paper, plus how to successfully use the methods of good academic practice they have learnt. In addition to this, they learn formal requirements for generating tables and illustrations in engineering publications. A further objective is to acquire the ability to present academic subject matter to a group of experts within a specified timeframe.