50 Jahre Hochschule Augsburg

Forward thinking since 1710


Our university has a long and successful history in Augsburg. In 1710, the private art school of the artist Joachim von Sandrart was taken over by the Reichsstädtische Kunstakademie (Augsburg Municipal Academy of the Arts) and higher education was made available to the general public in Augsburg.

In 1835 the Kunstakademie was integrated into the then two-year-old “Königliche Polytechnische Schule”, and continued life as a polytechnic for design and engineering.

In 1971, after many years as an engineering and design school, the university entered a new phase, when the University of Applied Sciences was founded. Three years later Business Studies was added to the existing disciplines of design and engineering.


Milestones in the history of the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

1710Reichsstädtische Kunstakademie Augsburg (Augsburg Municipal Academy of the Arts)
1833Königliche Polytechnische Schule (Royal Polytechnic)
1835Integration of the former Municipal Academy of the Arts into the Polytechnic College
1870Königliche Industrie Schule (Royal Industrial School)
Bauabsolvia in Augsburg im Jahre 1899
Baubasolvia in Augsburg im Jahre 1899.

1912Gewerbliche Fachschulen der Stadt Augsburg (Augsburg School of Commerce and Craft)
1951Augsburg Rudolf Diesel School of Building and Engineering (Academy for Applied Technology)
1958Augsburg Rudolf Diesel Polytechnic
1961Werkkunstschule, Höhere Fachschule für angewandte Grafik und Malerei (Augsburg School of Art and Design)

BR Retro: 250 years of the Werkkunstschule in Augsburg


In June 1962, the Werkkunstschule, which had existed in Augsburg since 1712, celebrated its 250th anniversary with an exhibition in the Schaezlerpalais, through which the BR was personally guided by the then director of the Werkkunstschule, Eugen Nerdinger.

250 Jahre Werkkunstschule in Augsburg
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Founded as “State University of Applied Sciences Augsburg”

1971Foundation of the Fachhochschule Augsburg, with design and engineering disciplines
Maschinenlabor der Fachhochschule Augsburg im Jahr 1973.
Maschinenlabor der Fachhochschule Augsburg im Jahr 1973.

1974Business Studies joins the existing disciplines of engineering and design
1980Foundation of the faculty of Computer Science
2008Fachhochschule Augsburg renamed Augsburg University of Applied Sciences


2010300 years faculty of Design


201140 Jahre Hochschule Augsburg

New field of study: social sciences


2018Augsburg University of Applied Sciences starts bachelor’s degree in social work: In addition to technology, business and design, the fourth social pillar is introduced.
202150 years of Augsburg University of Applied Sciences
(R)Evolution. Künstliche Intelligenz und menschliche Gesellschaft. Ringvorlesung.
50 Jahre Hochschule Augsburg


Absolventen Polytechnikum