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Welcome to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering


Studying in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering opens up a varied professional field in the engineering disciplines. The courses offered range from Nanotechnology to Microelectronics and Machine Technology, Energy Distribution or Electronic Communication Networks. Energy technology and its optimization, above all with regard to the conservation of resources and regenerative energies or modern drivetrain engineering are markets for electrical engineers. Today everyone is in the position to access electrical energy at any time and in any quantity required or to communicate with others, but it is not exclusively about electrical contacts but about creating contacts between man and the machine. This diversity described is mirrored in Mechatronics, an interaction between Mechanics, Electronics and Informatics.

The job description of a mechatronics engineer or an electrical engineer is just as varied as the contents of the course. The professional field covered by an electrical engineer ranges from the development of electronic equipment to the varied uses in systems programming, planning and installation as well as setting up operations and the maintenance of automated electrical and electronic installations. Project development, project management, the  control and the monitoring of  such installations as well as hardware and software development are part of the field of activities. Whoever enjoys developing automobile and robot systems, perfecting information and telecommunication technology and creating high tech products for the health sector for example is ideally suited to becoming a mechatronics engineer.

Experienced professors, freelance lecturers as well as faculty employees see it as their task to instil the joy of learning into their students and to guide them towards obtaining a successful degree. Numerous study trips and project work enrich the course of study with unforgettable experiences. Intensive personal supervision and a modern training concept supported by a large number of companies and foreign university partners will give the student  the possibility to have excellent job prospects in the business and economic sector.

Studying also means joining in !! You will have the opportunity to be involved in shaping your life at university for example by taking part  in research projects, by teaching tutorial groups, by taking part in  university sports activities, singing in the university choir or by being a member of one of  the university committees.