To apply an email adress


Each member of Augsburg UAS has the right to a central IT Services Center ID and an email address within the university’s domain.
We make every effort to keep your mailbox free of viruses and spam. To do so, we use several components like:

  • Mailscanner
  • Sophos
  • SpamAssassin


Each IT Services Center user at Augsburg UAS automatically receives an address in the form of [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]. If two students have the same time, a number will be added after the surname. Please note that the university will use this address to communicate with you: please check your inbox regularly. You can view your email address via the “Kennungsdaten” (ID data) function. All incoming emails sent to your address will be delivered to your personal inbox.



Search for email addresses at Augsburg UAS. First names, surnames and user names can be searched. Please note that this search function does not include addresses belonging to the university administration.



To call up your emails, please use the incoming mail server (POP/IMAP): - and select the encryption via “SSL/TLS” to ensure that your password and emails are encrypted when transmitted.

To send your emails, please use the outgoingmail server (SMPT): - select the encryption via “STARTTLS/TLS/SSL/sichere Verbindung” (“secure connection”). Enter your user name and password as authentication.

Please use the following ports:

  • POP: encrypted: 995 / unencrypted: 110
  • IMAP: encrypted: 993 / unencrypted: 143
  • SMTP: encrypted: 25 / unencrypted: 25


You can change the email settings, such as forwarding to another address or an automatic out of office notification.

>> reset the password you need to access your email



You can also read and send emails with your browser at Please note that you have enabled cookies in the settings of your browser.