Wireless network


Wi-Fi Eduroam

The IEEE 802.1x authentication procedure is used to access the web with the SSID eduroam.


If you need a host network (e.g. for events – for a limited time and location), require additional Wi-Fi provision or need to report a disruption, please contact us at [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]

Tethered network


OpenVPN connection to the university network (new methods)

It is now possible to connect “virtually” to the university network with your own computer via an OpenVPN (virtual private network), allowing you to make use of our services when away from the university. OpenVPN is considered much more secure than the old VPN methods (via PPTP; see below) and will therefore replace them.

You will find the procedures for selected operating systems below:


Please note: There is an error when connecting to VPN connections with Android 2.1/2.2. The connection is made but the system cannot use it for data transfer. This bug has been reported to Google, the manufacturer. We hope that this error will be corrected in newer versions.

Unfortunately the IT Services Center does not have any PDAs or WLAN-compatible mobile devices (with Symbian OS etc). We are therefore unable to offer support for network problems with these devices. If you have already managed to create a VPN connection to the university network with one of these devices, we would be grateful if you could help us to write a set of guidelines (rzservice@hs-augsburg.de).



Connecting within the university

On campus, you can either connect your laptop to the network with WLAN or via a network socket (marked VPN – TP 10/100 MBit/s).

Where can I find the network sockets?

Room                                   Description

Library sockets on tables in the reading room and group study rooms

J214                                      labeled network cable

H 3.07                                   network cable at all seats

H 3.08                                   network cable at the last rows of tables

H 3.10                                   network cable at the last rows of tables

H 3.13                                   network cable at the last rows of tables

H 3.16                                   network cable at the last rows of tables

H 3.17                                   network cable at the last rows of tables

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