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Please unse our online offers for consultations or arrange an appointment with your advisor. We kindly ask you to send documents by e-mail or post or to put them in the mailbox of the International Office.


Team of the International Office

Ines Roman Director International Office

Sonja Nieto Team Assistant

Adrian Bieniec International Advisor (Outgoing Students)

Amelie Giedgowd Exchange Students and Service Guest Lecturers (Incoming)

Jessica Gaulocher, International Students Advisor

Lena Leznova International Students Advisor (scholarships), PROMOS-Coordinator

Moritz Muth Short Term Programs (Outgoing Students), Coordinator "HSA_international 2.0"

Andreas Geppert IT Assistant "HSA_international 2.0"

Alisa O'Rourke ERASMUS+ Intitutional Coordinator, ERASMUS Grants, Nominations to ERASMUS-Partner Universities (Outgoing Students)

Margareta Perkovic International Marketing/ International Recruitment IIS

Student Assistants


SWOP-Team Student Welcome and Orientation Project (Incoming)


An der Hochschule 1
86161 Augsburg

Phone: +49 821 5586-3552  

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Team International Office

Responsible Persons in the Faculties