English Term

Advanced Business & Technical English (written C1)

Compulsory Course/Required Elective

Required Elective

Type of Course

Seminar (AWP)



Offered in

Every Semester


5 CP

Credit Hours


Course Assessment

Arbeitsaufgaben online, schriftliche Prüfung von 90 Minuten

Type of Course Assessment

Written Examination


Decimal Grade

Admission Requirements
Englischkenntnisse auf dem Niveau B2+ und Teilnahme am Kurs "Intermediate Business English (B2+)" oder "Advanced Business English (written; C1)".
Offen für Studierende aller anderen Fakultäten. Voraussetzung sind Englischkenntnisse auf dem Niveau B2+.
Entry Level



Die Einstufung richtet sich nach dem Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmen (GERS).

Startniveau: B2+

Zielniveau: C1

Sie sind sich nicht sicher, welches Niveau Sie haben? Hier geht es zum Selbsteinstufungstest .

This course is aimed at students who wish to practice their language skills in various communication formats.



Effective Production of CV and Letter of Application, Minutes, Reports, Faxes, Memos, Letters together with the appropriate language use are the main focus of the course.

Emphasis is on communicative written skills. Oral skills, listening comprehension information reception and transformation will have to be made use of in order to achieve set tasks.

Open communicative teaching method including peer to peer teaching and evaluation. The main communicative media is the internet with emailing, newsgroups and information retrieval capabilities. Input and evaluation might be further provided by peer groups situated at partner institutions.

Recommended literature


Jones & Alexander International Business English, David Evans Powerhouse, Text/Video/Audio Material, various internet sources.

Work Load


Modulumfang 150 h

Teaching Methods


There is a face2face part in class and a larger virtual online part.