Compulsory Course/Required Elective

Required Elective

Type of Course

Seminar (AWP)



Offered in

not at the moment


2 CP

Credit Hours



Decimal Grade

Entry Level



Die Einstufung richtet sich nach dem Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmen (GERS).

Startniveau: B2+

Zielniveau: C1-

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Current Affairs is a discussion-based course that will provide students with the opportunity to explore broad and ever-changing arrays of social concerns and issuses on a local, national and international level. The course will focus on major areas of interest in the world. We will engage in critical evaluation of topics on social, political, intellectual, religious and economic viewpoints.

As a student, you will be expected to do research on various topics and thoroughly explore all sides of the issues. You will have to consider a variety of opinions and perspectives on controversial and topics. Teaching methods include class discussion, short reports, presentation, newsroom simulations, talk shows simulations and group discussion. During class you will have to take and defend a position.

What are the possible debate topics?

American Election, Brexit, Big Data, Biometric Recognition, Climate Change, Film and Culture, Genetic Engineering, Internet Security, Death Penalty Right to Healthcare, Alternative Fuels, Immigration...(These can be changed depending on student interest.)

Expectations for Student participation

Read actively and critically in English for a variety of purposes. Present information with clarity, purpose and consideration of audience. Develop their fluency and language skills.

Work Load

Attendance is compulsory.

Students will be given an oral grade after every session making class attendance obligatory.

You generally will not be given class time to work on assignments but will be prepared outside the classroom.