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English is the international language of business. We offer an extensive range of courses with a variety of different focuses.


The ZSI offers students from all faculties a wide choice of different English courses. These include general language courses, courses on culture and society and courses with special focuses such as “Technical English” or “Negotiating in English”.


English is an integral part of several degree programs. You will find information about these courses on the website of the faculty that is supervising your program. Click on Webuntis for the times and location of the relevant courses.

After completion of the compulsory English courses, click on GRE (general required elective) courses for details of further courses.

For an overview of the business language courses, click here. Any free places on these courses are open to students from all faculties. You will receive a mail informing you of available places.


We offer English Crash Courses for students from all faculties whose English skills are not of university level or who have been learning English for less than 3 years. These courses are available before the beginning of the semester and during the semester.

Studierende im Kurs Negotiating in English

English Courses (general required elective)

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LehrveranstaltungLanguageEntry LevelCourse Format
Brush up your English (B1)EnglishB1semesterbegleitend
Crash Course Englisch A2 (Kompaktkurs)EnglishA2Kompaktkurs
Creative WritingEnglishB2/C1
English GrammarEnglishB1semesterbegleitend
English Professional Communication C1EnglishB2/C1semesterbegleitend
English Refresher Course: Grammar (B1+) (Kompaktkurs)EnglishB1+Kompaktkurs
English Refresher Course: Oral (B1) (Kompaktkurs)EnglishB1Kompaktkurs

English Application & Career (general required elective)

English subject-specific (general required elective)

English Media & Culture (general required elective)

Business English Compulsory Courses