English Term

German A1.2

Compulsory Course/Required Elective

Required Elective

Type of Course

Seminar (AWP)



Offered in

Every Semester


Decimal Grade

Entry Level



This German language course is for our international exchange students. It's a beginners' course for students with some knowledge of German (ca. 50 hours of German). To participate in this course you should have the following skills:

  • verbs in present and past tense
  • nouns and noun markers
  • prepositions with accusative
  • declarative and interrogative sentences
  • pronouns
  • basic vocabulary of the topics "getting to know other people", "in the German language course", "shopping", "family" and "time and daily routines"

All four language skills (reading, listening, writing, speaking) will be practiced in this A1 Plus course on the basis of the following topics: “habitation”, “work”, “city”, “health”, “travelling” and “culture”.

Oral and written communicative skills will be practiced with the aid of the above mentioned topics from daily life.