Note: The AWP-Timetable is constantly being updated and is not binding until the beginning of the AWP-registration.

Please note:

If a lesson of a course has to be cancelled there are two ways to find out:

  • the registered students of the course are notified via e-mail on their HSA-account
  • in WebUntis the particular date of the course is provided with an info-button




Timetables Summer Semester 2023 (semester)

will be online by the end of February!

Timetable AWP courses (general electives) at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences in the winter semester 2022/23

(without languages and intercultural competences)

Timetable AWP courses (general electives) offered by the Center of Languages and Intercultural Communication (ZSI) in the summer semester 2023

Timetable German as a Foreign Language courses in the summer semester 2023


Timetables Winter Semester 2022/23 (Intensive Courses)

Timetable AWP Intensive Courses (without languages) in the Winter Semester 2022/23

Preliminary Timetable AWP Intensive Courses (Languages) at the Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication (ZSI) in the Winter Semester 2022/23