Foto: Peter Erber

Our motivation and our impetus is our mission to train engineers to become “people in demand”. We are motivated by a love of technology, responsibility for future generations and the importance of looking forwards. Our focus is on training, teaching and research of the highest standards.

The Faculty's Mission Statement



1We are a team.
2Our individual actions are in line with the interests of the faculty.
3We regard teaching and research as one. Theory and practice go hand in hand.
4We are role models when it comes to training highly sought-after engineers: our technical and personal expertise stands out from the rest.
5We are greatly in demand as a partner for research and development and generate new knowledge for the benefit of students and businesses alike.
6We regard ourselves as a partner and driving force in our region – both in the field of academic education and of applied research.
7We engage with different cultures, think on an increasingly global level and are active in the international arena.