You can view the course descriptions of German-speaking specialized courses for your degree program on the corresponding department pages.

The following courses are recommended for exchange students who prefer to attend courses taught in English:

I. Specialist courses offered by the faculties in English

The faculties offer various specialized courses in English:

For details please contact the International Faculty Coordinator

For details please contact the International Faculty Coordinator

II. Courses for students from all progams at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Employers value staff who have a broad-based education. It makes them more adaptable in a workplace that is constantly changing. In addition to the courses offered in your program, the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers general education courses that help you to gain a wider view of the world and to prepare for your career in a rapidly-changing workplace.

Free German language courses, trainings in social competences, history, chemistry ...

Depending on your command of German, English or both these courses could be part of your learning agreement. Please make sure that the recognition is guaranteed by your home university.

III. Courses from other faculties/study progams

Courses from the various departments are open to all exchange students irrespective of their own field of study and as long as prerequisites are fulfilled and/or places are available. For detailed information concerning the courses we kindly ask you to contact our International Faculty Coordinator.

As a general rule, final course selection and registration do not take place until you have arrived in Augsburg.