Koordinationszentrum Deutsch


The ability to speak German well is an important factor for successful study at a German University. It is important to continue working on your language skills even after you have attended a test preparation course and passed the DSH examination.


Whether you’re an Erasmus exchange student or a student completing their entire course of study at Augsburg UAS, we advise you to consider attending one of the German language courses offered by Koordinationszentrum Deutsch. The courses are available to international students during the winter and summer semesters.


Supplementary language courses, studienbegleitenden Sprachkurse cover the most important language skills necessary for your academic success.  To qualify for a place on one of these courses you must already possess more than a basic knowledge of the German language. Beginner’s courses are not on offer. 


>>>Intensive German language course for Erasmus students<<<

>>>How to enroll in German language courses<<<