Koordinationszentrum Deutsch

Studenten im Unterricht

The ability to speak German fluently is an important criterion for academic success at a German university. It is important to continue working on your language skills even after attending a preparatory course and passing the DSH test. 

Whether you’re an Erasmus exchange student or a student completing their entire course of study at Augsburg UAS, we recommend that you attend one of the German language courses offered by Koordinationszentrum Deutsch. The courses run in both the winter and summer semesters.  

These supplementary language courses, which you attend alongside your degree course, cover the most important language skills necessary for you to do well at university. We offer most courses on an intermediate to advanced level, but there are also beginner's courses (levels A1, A2 and B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).


>>>We warmly welcome all new Erasmus and exchange students to Hochschule Augsburg! We invite you to attend one of our German language courses during the semester. You can enroll online for our courses in mid-September.<<<

>>>How to enroll in German language courses<<<