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Power supply that can be used to charge MacBook Pro computers that have a MagSafe2 port at an electrical outlet.

Compatibility notes:

  • The user is responsible for the compatibility check. The library is not liable for damage to devices that occur when using the power supply.
  • The power supply for the 15 ″ MacBook Pro Retina (from 2012-2015) is officially recommended by Apple.
  • “You should use a power supply with the correct electrical power for your Mac notebook. You can use a compatible power adapter with higher electrical power, but it won't charge your computer faster or affect how it works. ” (Source: Apple) -> you can probably use it to load the following MacBooks for which MagSafe2 power supplies with a lower wattage are actually recommended:
    • MacBook Pro Retina, 13 ″ (late 2012-early 2015) (recommended: 60W MagSafe2 power adapter)
    • MacBook Air 11 ″ (mid 2012-2015) (recommended: 45 W MagSafe2 power supply)
    • MacBook Air 13 ″ (mid 2012-2017) (recommended: 45 W MagSafe2 power supply)