Convertible Notebook


Borrow the Microsoft Surface 2 tablet.

Use the Surface for your studies, for surfing, reading e-books and lecture notes, for learning and working, ...

The rental package consists of the Surface 2 tablet, a keyboard (Type Cover 2), and an original power supply (24 W) with cable.

You can set up the tablet according to your needs.The most important apps like Microsoft Office 2013 RT (Word, Excel, Powepoint, Outlook, One Note), Internet Explorer, Skype, ... are already preinstalled.You need a Microsoft account for cloud services and installing additional apps.

Important: Only Windows apps can be installed on this device, but no software (.exe)!

When borrowing, you have to sign a technology rental contract.

Instructions for use


The tablet is automatically connected to library WLAN, the connection to eduroam is possible by entering your own data center ID.

The local user account "ausleihe" is preset for you and can be set up individually.

In order to be able to download apps and to synchronize data (e.g. Word documents) across devices via the cloud (OneDrive), the local user account must be “ausleihe” converted to a Microsoft account. You can either use an existing Microsoft account or create a new one:

    PC settings -> Accounts -> Your account -> Connect with a Microsoft account -> Enter current password for account "ausleihe" -> Next

    If you already have a Microsoft account: Enter the email address and password for this account

    If you don't have a Microsoft account: create a new account (you will then be guided through the registration process)

Under Windows RT 8.1, only programs / apps from the Windows Store can be installed (.exe files cannot be installed / executed, for example, Citavi or C-Pen cannot be used on the tablets)
The pre-installed Internet Explorer browser cannot be changed (there is no alternative browser for Windows RT).
After returning the tablet, all settings, passwords, data and apps are immediately deleted by the library staff! If necessary, make sure that you back up important data before returning it (e.g. in your cloud)!