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Aleßio, Hans-Peter, Dipl.-Ing.Mechanical and Process Engineering
Aletsee, Franz, M.Sc.Electrical Engineering
Almert, ToniBusiness
Amann, UlrichDesign
Anderl, Tanja
Andorfer, Johann, Dipl.-Ing.Architecture and Civil Engineering
Angrisano, Francesca, Dott.ssaCenter for Languages and Intercultural Communication
Arbinger, Christian, Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.)Mechanical and Process Engineering
Augart, Thorsten, Dipl.-Inf. (FH)Computer Science
Augustin, PaulFacility Management
Bach, Nik, Dipl-Wirtschaftsinf. (FH)Computer Science
Bachl, ChristianDesign
Bachmann, Sebastian, Dr.Architecture and Civil Engineering
Baeten, André, Prof. Dr.-Ing.Mechanical and Process Engineering
Bahr, ChristianDesign
Bandel, Jana-Maria
Bannert, StefanArchitecture and Civil Engineering
Bäuchl, Ralf, Dipl. Kfm. (Univ.)Business
Bauer, Günter, RA Dr.Architecture and Civil Engineering
Bauer, KanakoCenter for Languages and Intercultural Communication
Bauer, Martin, Prof. Dr.-Ing.Architecture and Civil Engineering
Bauer, ReinholdLiberal Arts and Sciences
Baumann, Guntram, RechtsanwaltMechanical and Process Engineering
Baumgärtner, Georg, Dipl. oec.Electrical Engineering
Baur, Christoph, B.Sc.Computer Science
Bauriedel, Christian, Prof. Dr.-Ing.Architecture and Civil Engineering
Bäurle, Claudia, Dipl.-Inf. (FH)Computer Science
Bayer, Martin, Prof. Dr.-Ing.Electrical Engineering
Bayer-Gündogdu, BarbaraHuman Resources and Legal Department
Beckers, MartinArchitecture and Civil Engineering