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Adam, Tobias, Dr.Business
Adamczyk, MichaelArchitecture and Civil Engineering
Adrianowytsch, ChristianHuman Resources and Legal Department
Alberti, Elisa, Dr.Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication
Aleßio, Hans-Peter, Dipl.-Ing.Mechanical and Process Engineering
Aletsee, Franz, M.Sc.Electrical Engineering
Alexander, LouiseCenter for Languages and Intercultural Communication
Almert, ToniBusiness
Amann, UlrichDesign
Anderl, Tanja
Andorfer, Johann, Dipl.-Ing.Architecture and Civil Engineering
Angrisano, Francesca, Dott.ssaCenter for Languages and Intercultural Communication
Arbinger, Christian, Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.)Mechanical and Process Engineering
Armyanov, Petar, Ph.D.Computer Science
Augart, Thorsten, Dipl.-Inf. (FH)Computer Science
Augustin, PaulFacility Management
Baader, Tabea, Pfrin.Liberal Arts and Sciences
Bach, Nik, Dipl-Wirtschaftsinf. (FH)Computer Science
Bachl, ChristianDesign
Baeten, André, Prof. Dr.-Ing.Mechanical and Process Engineering
Bahr, ChristianDesign
Batteiger, StephanLiberal Arts and Sciences
Batteiger, StephanComputer Science
Bäuchl, Ralf, Dipl. Kfm. (Univ.)Business
Bauer, BettinaStudent Office
Bauer, KanakoCenter for Languages and Intercultural Communication
Bauer, Martin, Prof. Dr.-Ing.Architecture and Civil Engineering
Bauer, ReinholdLiberal Arts and Sciences
Baumann, Dominik
Baumann, Guntram, RechtsanwaltMechanical and Process Engineering