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Khoury, PhilippArchitecture and Civil Engineering
Kianiparsa, Parnaz, Dr. phil.Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication
Kiefel, Georg, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)Facility Management
Kiefer, Gundolf, Prof. Dr.Computer Engineering (BEng)
Computer Science
Kiefer, KarinDesign
Kießling, Susanne, M.Sc.Computer Science
Kipp, Michael, Prof. Dr.Computer Science
Kirschen, Maria, Dipl.-Bibl.Library
Kirstein, HorstDesign
Kiss, VerenaCommunication
Kitzer, Hedwig, Dipl.-Soz.Liberal Arts and Sciences
Kitzer, HedwigDesign
Kleibl, Tanja, Prof. Dr.Liberal Arts and Sciences
Klein, Alexandra, Dipl.-Betriebsw. (FH)Mechanical and Process Engineering
Klemm, Horst, Dipl. Betriebsw. (FH)Business
Klengel, BarbaraLiberal Arts and Sciences
Klepzig, Heinz-Jürgen, Prof. Dr.Business
Klever, Nik, Prof. Dr.Computer Science
Systems Engineering (BEng)
Klinkhamer, VeroniqueCenter for Languages and Intercultural Communication
Klückers, TanjaDesign
Knies, Ilkay, Dipl. Jur. (univ.)Human Resources and Legal Department
Knoll, Georg, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)Mechanical and Process Engineering
Koberling, Klaus-Jürgen, Prof. Dipl.-Ing.Architecture and Civil Engineering
Kocyigit, HalimaExamination Office
Kögel, LucasComputer Science
Kögl, Thomas, Prof. Dipl.-Ing.Architecture and Civil Engineering
Kohl, Susanne F., Dr.Liberal Arts and Sciences
Köhler, MarcusMechanical and Process Engineering
Kohnert, Sören, M.Sc.Electrical Engineering
Kolb, TobiasCommunication