Gastvortrag: Dr. Propp – Daimler AG

Fundamentals of Batteries in Application

07.06.2021, 08:30

Dr. Propp is a Technical performance manager at Daimler AG. He will introduce and explain us the cell and the battery systems challenges from the automotive industries prospective.


Dr. Karsten Propp received the Master of Automotive Engineering degree from the University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, in 2013 and the Ph.D. degree in Advanced Vehicle Engineering Centre of Cranfield University, U. K, in 2017. From there he started to work as battery competition analyst for the Daimler AG and proceeded as system engineer in the pre-development for traction batteries.

This interesting Battery Seminar as part of the course “Basics of Electrical Energy Storage” will be transmitted virtually in English via Zoom.

Date: June 07, 2021 at 08:30 AM via Zoom

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