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 ==== Reflected light ==== ==== Reflected light ====
 +{{ ::​reflect_0_img_ev-10_exauto.jpg.fig.jpg }}  
 +{{ ::​reflect_1_img_ev-10_exsports.jpg.fig.jpg }}  
 +{{ ::​reflect_2_img_ev-10_exbeach.jpg.fig.jpg }}  
 +{{ ::​reflect_3_img_ev0_exauto.jpg.fig.jpg }}  
 +{{ ::​reflect_4_img_ev0_exsports.jpg.fig.jpg }}  
 +{{ ::​reflect_5_img_ev0_exbeach.jpg.fig.jpg }}  
 +{{ ::​reflect_6_img_ev10_exauto.jpg.fig.jpg }}  
 +{{ ::​reflect_7_img_ev10_exsports.jpg.fig.jpg }}  
 +{{ ::​reflect_8_img_ev10_exbeach.jpg.fig.jpg }} 
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 ===== Results ===== ===== Results =====
 +Looking at the results, we cannot use the shannon entropy as a measure to get the value of information in the bright areas. Its more important to look at the local entropy to get a idea about the information in the bright areas.
 +Based on the current results, i would recommend to choose the EV -10 setting to reduce the exposure for areas with high brightness to get some information in these areas. Additionally i would recommend to choose either the beach or sports setting for the exposure control, as they resemble our usecase the best. Beach is good to tell the camera to not focus its brightness to the bright parts (https://​www.adorama.com/​alc/​0008541/​article/​100-in-100-Part-II-Beach-Mode-or-Snow-Mode-or-BeachSnow-Mode). Sports might be usable due it forces short exposures due to huge movement of the target, or the other way around: our drone.
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