Each camera in the plane is driven by a pi zero. There is a prepared image for this usecase, but some planespecific parameters need to be set for each image.

  • Flash image to SD Card (e.g. using Etcher Tool)
  • Set HostName to a unique name in /etc/hostname and in /etc/hosts : e.g. Freddy-cam-l
  • Set Accesspoint depending on left / right camera in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf :
cam-r : AP1
cam-l : AP2
  • Insert image into plane and power up
  • First bootup the filesystem of image (~2Gb) is enlarged to the SD-Card size (64Gb)
    • Implemented by creating a /data partition where the image will be saved
    • Takes ~3-5Minutes
    • Afterwards filesystem resize the camera-capture & webserver service is started
  • You can access each camera via its hostname: ssh searchwing@Freddy-cam-l.local
  • The recorded images can be checked via webserver in the webbrowser: e.g. http:\\Freddy-cam-l.local
  • Preflightcheck can be done with the searchwing-pi-manager on the laptop
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