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 ====  Laptop Setup ==== ====  Laptop Setup ====
-The specific setup for the image download is in the [[image-download-station|Image Download Station setup]].+The specific ​software ​setup for the image download is in the [[image-download-station|Image Download Station setup]]. 
 +==== WIFI ===== 
 +If Wifi isn't working, first check if the firmware file can be loaded!  
 +  dmesg | grep rtw_pci 
 +In Ubuntu 18.04 the firmware for rtw8822 wifi adapter (ASUS TUF FX505DV Laptop) isn't included in linux-firmware ubuntu deb package! So after a Kernel update it can be necessary to fetch it again and copy it to the lib folder. 
 +  git clone git://​git.kernel.org/​pub/​scm/​linux/​kernel/​firmware/​linux-firmware.git 
 +  cp ./​linux-firmware/​rtw88/​rtw8822c_wow_fw.bin /​lib/​firmware/​rtw88/​ 
 === eduroam === === eduroam ===
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