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 Now you have installed the Altera Software! ​ Now you have installed the Altera Software! ​
 +== USB Blaster==
 +For getting access on a FPGA you need to install the Altera USB Blaster. On Ubuntu you just have to add these three lines
 +  # ALTERA USB Blaster
 +  mount --bind /dev/bus /proc/bus
 +  ln -s /​sys/​kernel/​debug/​usb/​devices /​proc/​bus/​usb/​devices
 +to the file /​etc/​rc.local. Pay attention that the line with "exit 0" is below these lines.
 +After saving this changes (you need to be root) you have to make this file executable. Enter 
 +  sudo chmod +x /​etc/​rc.local
 +  ​
 +in a terminal. After a reboot the USB Blaster should be available in the Altera Software!
 === Installing the Modelsim Software === === Installing the Modelsim Software ===
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