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 The firmware is installed on the PixRacer via the QGroundControl Software. [[https://​docs.qgroundcontrol.com/​en/​SetupView/​Firmware.html|https://​docs.qgroundcontrol.com/​en/​SetupView/​Firmware.html]]\\ The firmware is installed on the PixRacer via the QGroundControl Software. [[https://​docs.qgroundcontrol.com/​en/​SetupView/​Firmware.html|https://​docs.qgroundcontrol.com/​en/​SetupView/​Firmware.html]]\\
 Select "​ChibiOs - ArduPlane V3.9.8"​ from drpdown. Select "​ChibiOs - ArduPlane V3.9.8"​ from drpdown.
 +=== RC and Servo Setup ===
 +Ardupilot hast just recently added new way which allows to configure the RC channel and the servo behaviour independently. QGC has not included this yet in the RC calibration procedure. Therefore **you have to check the correct servo behavior for RC and autopilot: BOTH!!!** It is possible that RC works in the right direction but autopilot steers in the opposite direction. This was the reason for the first Ardupilot flight crash.  ​
 ==== Mag Sensor Setup ==== ==== Mag Sensor Setup ====
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 === Failsafes === === Failsafes ===
-Geofence is not configurable through QGC. But if fence was set in Ardupilot Mission Planner, it is updated ​on vehicle boot.+Geofence is not configurable through QGC. The reason is that Arduplane does not support the MAVLINK mission protocol for the geofence. Arduplane has different protocol which is not supported by QGC. There is a brand new patch for Copter to support the MAVLINK mission protocol also for geofence but not yet for Arduplane. See: https://​github.com/​ArduPilot/​ardupilot/​pull/​12167 
 +Arduplane does not support a Kill Switch which can be enabled via a dedicated RC channel, i.e a switch ​on the remote. 
 +Arduplane does not support Flight mode changes, e.g. RTL via a dedicated RC Channel.
-–TODO–+==== LuaPilot (veraltet / durch Flight Deck ersetzt) ====
 +In order to send telemetry data to the rc, the parameter '​SERIAL4'​ has to be changed to 'Frsky SPort'​. Despite the note that external hardware is needed, telemetry data can be transmitted using the old cable. Unfortunately LuaPilot cannot be used anymore with ArduPilot as the flight modes are labeled wrong. Therefore LuaPilot has to be replaced with this alternative:​ [[https://​www.rcgroups.com/​forums/​showatt.php?​attachmentid=9914295&​d=1490893447|https://​www.rcgroups.com/​forums/​showatt.php?​attachmentid=9914295&​d=1490893447]] (source: [[https://​discuss.ardupilot.org/​t/​lua-script-for-apm-plane-quadplane/​16202/​4|https://​discuss.ardupilot.org/​t/​lua-script-for-apm-plane-quadplane/​16202/​4]])
 +==== Ardupilot Telemetrie / Flight Deck ====
 +Der Parameter SERIAL4_PROTOCOL muss auf 'FrSky SPort Passthrough (OpenTX)'​ gesetzt sein. Die selbe Einstellung darf nicht gleichzeitig auf mehreren Serial Ports gesetzt sein, da es sonst zu komplikationen kommt.
 +Taranis Einstellungen:​ {{ :bernd2.zip |}}
 +Flight Deck Software: http://​www.craftandtheoryllc.com ​
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