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 ==== Vergleich Suchleistung ==== ==== Vergleich Suchleistung ====
-{{ ::​sw-areacalc.pdf | Friedrich Beckmann, Searchwing - Search Area Calculations,​ January 2019}}+{{:​sw-areacalc.pdf|Friedrich Beckmann, Searchwing - Search Area Calculations,​ January 2019}} 
 +==== Books ==== 
 +[[https://​soaneemrana.org/​onewebmedia/​MECHANICS OF FLIGHT BY A.C KERMODE.pdf|A.C. Kermode, Mechanics of Flight, Pearson 2006]] 
 +[[https://​ntrs.nasa.gov/​search.jsp?​R=19760003955|T.A. Talay, Introduction to the aerodynamics of flight, NASA Technical Report NASA-SP-367,​ 1975]] 
 +==== Images per Mission ==== 
 +As described in "​Searchwing - Search Area Calculations"​ page 4, at 550 m attitude a vertical field of vision (image) is 495 m long (Table 4). For covering boots at the surroundings of an image an overlapping of 5 % is needed, so that approximately every 470m an image is taken. 
 +With a avg flight speed of 13,8 m/s the drone is moving to a new image every 34,06 seconds. This means with a mission time of 1 hour we shot approximately 106 Images. An image has a avg size of 1 MB, so every mission produce approximately 106 MB of images per hour, per Camera. 
 +Raspberry Zero W can transfer images over Wifi with 4,46 MB/s, so 23,77 seconds is needed for transmitting the images to a laptop.
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