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-===== Flug am xx.xx.2019 im Mittelmeer mit ResQship e.V. =====+===== Flug am 19.05.2019 im Mittelmeer mit Björn und Friedrich R. =====
-===== Erster Flug auf dem Mittelmeer! =====+===== First flight on the mediterranean! =====
 +{{::​20190519-flightplan.jpg?​400|}} {{::​20190519-map.jpg?​400|}}
 +The flights were part of a mission which is covered in a [[https://​www.hs-augsburg.de/​searchwing/​german-tv-reports-about-first-searchwing-drone-mission/​|TV documentation]]. ​
 ===== Modell Poseidon ===== ===== Modell Poseidon =====
 === Konfiguration:​ === === Konfiguration:​ ===
-{{ :​resqship-telemetry.zip |}}+{{:​resqship-telemetry.zip|resqship-telemetry.zip}} 
 +{{ ::​20190519-mittelmeer-flightlogs.tgz | Flightlogs vom PixRacer}} 
 ===== Flug Protokoll ===== ===== Flug Protokoll =====
-Poseidon was handlaunched from the sailing vessel from Friedrich Reich. The launch mode was "​Stabilized"​. Poseidon returned and was landed in the sea nearby and recovered via the rib boat.+=== First flight ===
-===== Analyse ​Ergebnisse =====+[[https://​review.px4.io/​plot_app?​log=15cb9dc2-3d50-43be-bc6b-b1c127a6298b|Flight review]]
-=== Todo ===+The first flight was hand launched in stabilized mode and then switched to mission mode. Images were collected. The images are tagged with Björns script on the Raspberry Pi, i.e. they are GPS Tagged and the gps information is in the EXIF. The images are here available here:
 +[[https://​www.hs-augsburg.de/​homes/​beckmanf/​searchwing/​flug20190519/​picam/​|GPS tagged images from the Mediterranean]]
 +Total flight time was 45 minutes.
 +**ESC Thermal throttling?:​ ** Looking at the [[https://​review.px4.io/​plot_app?​log=15cb9dc2-3d50-43be-bc6b-b1c127a6298b#​Nav-Acceleration-Power-Spectral-Density|Flight Review Acceleration PSD Plot]] I have the impression that the ESC throttled probably due to thermal throttling at time 1:09h, i.e. 30 minutes after launch. Thrust setting did not change, but velocity decreased. Current changed from 8A to 5A. This was at FW_CRUISE_THR of 50%. 
 +=== Second flight ===
 +The second flight was also hand launched and it returned, but the camera cable was not connected to the pi. Therefore no images were stored. Total flight time is 53 minutes.
 +[[https://​review.px4.io/​plot_app?​log=f34dbfda-2d64-40bb-95c6-171517dbd1d5|Flight review - second flight]]
 +**ESC Throttling:​** No ESC throttling can be observed. The FW_CRUISE_THR setting is 50%. However current is also at 8A. This flight was done later at around 17.00 - maybe the sun was not that strong anymore? Does the disconnected camera reduce the thermal load?
 +=== Third flight ===
 +During preparation of the third flight one aileron servo did not work. After unplugging and replugging the servo, it worked. The third flight was successfully launched by hand. After Poseidon reached the search pattern area, the drone made turns and crashed in the water. Because it was too far away, no efforts were made to retrieve the plane. Björn assumes that the servo connection in the aileron was broken which was the reason for the crash.
 +Todo: Add youtube movie from telemetry log.
 +===== Analyse / Ergebnisse =====
 +  * Probably ESC went into thermal throttling after 30 minutes flight duration at FW_CRUISE_THR 60% and 8A current.
 +=== Todo ===
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