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 Die Searchwinggruppe in Berlin hat folgende Teileliste [[https://​wiki.searchwing.org/​parts|https://​wiki.searchwing.org/​parts]]. Die Searchwinggruppe in Berlin hat folgende Teileliste [[https://​wiki.searchwing.org/​parts|https://​wiki.searchwing.org/​parts]].
 +==== X-UAV Mini Talon ====
 +The airfoil of the X-UAV Mini Talon is a [[http://​airfoiltools.com/​airfoil/​details?​airfoil=s3010-il|S3010]] with 270mm chord length. The pitch is approximately 3°. This airfoil is similar to the S3021 and the Clark-Y. The airfoil is optimised for low Reynold numbers, i.e. small wings and low speeds. The wing of the Mini Talon has a length of approx. 270mm at the fuselage. The Reynolds number is approx. R = v * l * 70 when v is the speed in m/s and l is the length in mm. At a speed of 8m/s this translates to a Reynolds number of approx. 150000.
 +[[https://​www.aerodesign.de/​profile/​profile_n.htm|Aerodesign Profilkatalog]]
 +[[https://​m-selig.ae.illinois.edu/​uiuc_lsat/​Airfoils-at-Low-Speeds.pdf|Airfoils at Low Speed]]
 +=== Power Modules ===
 +I have purchased some other power modules for the pixracer as the original power module is only available from mRobotics.
 +  * [[https://​de.aliexpress.com/​item/​32802861509.html|APM Power Module for PixRacer]] for 7,10 Euro. With Hirose DF13 connector on the board and DF13 to JST-GH cable. 2 modules purchased on Aliexpress on 18.4.2019.
 +  * [[https://​www.ebay.de/​itm/​253298947513|APM Power Module for PixHawk]] for 4,02 Euro. Hirose DF13 connector on board and on cable. Needs different cable to connect to PixRacer. 3 modules purchased on 18.4.2019.
 === Other planes === === Other planes ===
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