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-=== Raspberry UART Cable ===+=== Raspberry UART / Power Cable ===
 The [[https://​www.raspberrypi.org/​documentation/​usage/​gpio/​|Raspberry 40 pin header]] must be connected to the PixRacer Telem2 and the power supply from the power module. The [[https://​www.raspberrypi.org/​documentation/​usage/​gpio/​|Raspberry 40 pin header]] must be connected to the PixRacer Telem2 and the power supply from the power module.
 +  * Cut one 6inch (152mm) JST-GH Cable in the middle
 +  * Cut 4 parts 140mm of the yellow cable
 +  * Remove 8 mm of the isolation of the JST-GH and the yellow cables on one side
 +  * Make a Y cable by putting the JST-GH and two yellow cables together with the white solder sleeve. (Heat level 5-6)
 +  * Make two of the above cables
 +  * One of the two yellow cables will go to the right side Pi where there are connected with a Harwin M20 connector.
 +  * Remove 3-4 mm isolation of the one of the yellow cables
 +  * Crimp a Harwin M20 connector to the cable with the Harwin crimp tool. Use the 26-28 AWG slot.
 +  * Push the cable through until you can barely see the copper - then crimp.
 +The [[https://​docs.px4.io/​v1.9.0/​en/​assembly/​quick_start_pixracer.html|PixRacer Wiring Quickstart]] shows the 6 pin Telem1 and Telem2 connector wiring. We only need GND, TX and RX. GND and RX will be connected with the Y-Cable. In that image the yellow connector is the PixRacer TX port which goes to the Pi RX port. So the Y-Cable is connected to GND and the yellow pin marked "​RX"​.
 +  * Connect the Y cables to the 6-Pin JST-GH connector. One to GND, the other one to the pin marked "​RX"​
 +  * Take an 8-inch JST-GH cable and remove the connector at one side. Remove 5mm of the isolation at the other.
 +  * Put this cable in the JST-GH connector at the location marked "​TX"​. This is the UART RX port of the PixRacer.
 +{{ :​pixacer-pinlayout_telem1.jpg?​direct&​200 |}}
 +Now the power connections from the PowerModule are left. 
 +  * Take two 6-inch JST-GH cables and remove the connector at one side
 +  * Crimp the Harwin M20 connector at that side
 +  * Insert the JST-GH Cables in pin 1 and 3 of the JST-GH 4 pin power connector
 +{{ ::​powermodule-pinlayout_5v.jpg?​direct&​200 |}}
 +To mark the cables use colored heating tube.
 +{{ ::​pizerow-pinlayout.png?​direct |}}
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