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 ==== Results ==== ==== Results ====
 +  * The Laptop and the Pi should not be connected via a single 2.4 GHz access point as laptop and Pi share the same Wifi channel. This results in 50% throughput reduction (see Julians 2.5 MB/s for wget).
 +  * The transfer rate via wget on an undisturbed 2.4 GHz wifi channel is **5 MB/s**. (Only Pi connected to AP, No other stations use this channel). This 40 MBit/s throughput on http level compares well to the maximum 65 MBit/s wifi data rate of the Pi Zero W.
 +  * ssh transfer is limited by CPU load on the Pi for encryption and results in 1.8 MB/s for Wifi.
 +  * Short Guard Interval setting could possibly increase the the raw wifi rate from 65 MBit/s to 72 MBit/​s. ​
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