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Author: Friedrich Beckmann

The power module comprises

  • MOSFET based power switch to switch off the battery from all electronics
  • 5.38V DC/DC converter to supply the PixRacer autopilot, GPS, FrSky RC receiver
  • Battery voltage and current measurement circuit for the PixRacer
  • 5.38V DC/DC converter for the Raspberry Pis and the RFD868+ telemetry

The design is done with Easyeda and is available here: Easyeda SearchWingPower. The board has been produced at JLCPCB and two have been soldered at the ASSCON Demolab.

Search Powermodule board

Search Powermodule with components

Voltera V-one

I have a Voltera V-One printer which can be used to dispense the solder paste. This needs to be tested. In the ASSCON lab we used the stencil printing method.


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