Frequently asked questions concerning the master programme on Interactive Media Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

Q: What is the programme about?
A: The master programme on Interactive Media Systems has been devised for students who aim to deepen their knowledge and skills in the design and development of digital interactive media systems. The programme is highly project-centered in order to give students the opportunity to create a compelling „master piece“ which, for example, may be a novel mobile service, an innovative computer game, or an artistic animation short.
Some selected master pieces of previous graduates can be found in the faculty’s online portfolio:

Q: What is the duration of the programme?
A: The normal period of enrolment to complete the master programme is 3 semesters (1.5 years).

Q: Is German language proficiency required?
A: Courses are usually taught in German language. On request, some courses may be taught in English to accommodate international students. Applicants whose first language is neither German nor English are required to provide satisfactory evidence of either German or English language proficiency.

Q: I am not a German (nor EU) resident, can I apply for enrolment?
A: Yes, the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg welcomes international students.

Q: What are the tuition fees and costs?
A: UAS Augsburg is a public university owned by the Federal State of Bavaria. Currently, the Federal State of Bavaria does not demand tuition fees. However, there are non-tuition related fees and costs per semester, the so-called „Semesterbeitrag“.
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Q: What are the enrolment prerequisites for the Interactive Media Systems master program (MA IMS)?
A: All students applying to the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg must meet the appropriate academic entry requirements. Enrolment in the Master of Interactive Media Systems requires a Bachelor degree (or equivalent) with at least 210 ETCS (European Transfer Credit Points) in a related discipline, such as digital media, multimedia, media-informatics, computer science, interaction design, media design, communication design, fine arts. It is expected that applicants can demonstrate their skills by means of a portfolio of work (e.g. produced during previous study).

In addition, all applicants must pass a qualifying examination (aptitude test) which entails both a written test and a personal interview with UAS teaching staff to be held at UAS Augsburg. Entrance is at the discretion of the examination committee.

Q: What consists the MA IMS aptitude test of in detail?
A: The Aptitude test consists of two parts:
• Development of an Interaction Concept
details depending on the chosen direction of specialization
(90 Min.)
• Interview with Head (Professor) of chosen specialization

It’ll take about 10 days till the results can be officially announced.

Q: How to apply?

1. Collect all required application documents (certificates etc.)
2. Write a one-page statement of interest. The statement should indicate the preferred direction of specialization (mobile experience, games development, animation/time-based media)
3. Applications must be done via the online portal: Online Application (usually opens a month before the application deadlines, cf. below) Please fill out the forms online, print and sign them, and send all required application documents together with the admission application to the student registration office „Studentenamt“. The postal address is:

Studentenamt der Hochschule Augsburg
An der Hochschule 1
86161 Augsburg

Note that applicants are not required to submit a portfolio of work together with the application as portfolios cannot be returned.
Rather, applicants shall bring work samples with them to the qualifying examination which will take place at UAS-Augsburg approximately a month after the application deadline.

Q: What are the application deadlines?
A: Application deadlines are published on the university’s web site: Deadlines
For the master program on Interactive Media Systems there are two application deadlines per year:
June 15. for the following winter term (starting October 1.), and December 15. for the following summer term (starting March 15.).

Q: Where can I get further assistance?
A: The university’s International Office has some additional information for foreign applicants and students on their web pages:
International Office