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This course is suitable for students who are fluent in English (B2+/C1-).




Die Einstufung richtet sich nach dem Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmen (GERS).

Startniveeau: B2+

Zielniveau: C1-

Sie sind sich nicht sicher, welches Niveau Sie haben? Hier geht es zum Selbsteinstufungstest.



The film analysis class will include the analysis of feature-length films (to be watched in the comfort of your own homes), short sequences of films, short films, and adverts.

Films not only provide a source of authentic English and varied language, they also provide students with examples of English used in "real-life" situations outside the classroom, particularly interactive language and the language of real-life conversation. Students are exposed to natural expressions, idiomatic speech and the natrual flow of speech.

This course aims to give the students the opportunity to interpret in a visual context, using it as a starting point to develop all four communication language skills at a high level. For example, a whole film or sequence can be used to practise listening at home and as a model for speaking and writing. The cultural aspects of films will also be analysed thus giving the student insight into the British/American way of life over the last 30 years. The film will be used as a springboard for follow-up tasks such as discussions, debates on social issues, role plays, reconstructing a dialogue or summarising.

1. Film critiques

We will explore and discuss moral and ethical messages, social commentary and historical significance of these films. Students will demonstrate their understanding of these themes and their critical thinking skills through short written critiques/reviews.

2. Film presentations

Participants will also have the opportunity to introduce their own favourite films in the language classroom in the form of short presentations. (10 minutes)

3. Film analysis blog

Students will establish a film analysis blog where they will discuss, in at least 4 separate postings, the style and form of different films of your choice. The film blog must be accessible to members of the group and will focus on a theme drawn from material discussed in class.

4. Film Journal

The participants will also be expected to keep a film journal noting down their impressions and opinions on the film material watched at home or in class.



Attendance is compulsory.