LandsApp is an App for landscape architects and landscape constructioners to improve the interaction with their customers. You can place AR models of trees, bushes, flowers and furniture into the scene, thereby giving the client an almost realistic impression of what the finished garden could look like. Using the camera image of the iPad, these models are placed in realtime into the real image of the garden.


It's an interactive experience!


Use the app everywhere you want and need to and directly while working with the customer.

Augmented Reality

Create a visual representation of what you want to sell to the customer right in front of their eyes while walking through the actual garden


Select our selfmade 3D-Objects from a set library with everything you need for your assignment. Trees, bushes, flowers, textures or furnishings.


Scale and adjust every 3D-Object at will, basically making them as big or as small as you want. And of course delete some if necessary.

Our little helpers

Firstly we would like to give a special thank you to Prof. Dr. Sabina Wilk.
Because throughout the project she helped guide us towards the finish line with her specific expertise within the field of Garden and landscape design. We would also like to thank the Garden and Landscaping company 'Borchert' and all of the students from the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf. There willingness to participate in the set tests, and give us great feedback from them made us so much more aware of what the App needed and what it could live without. And last but nor least, our professors Prof. KP Ludwig John and Dipl.-Inf.(FH) Dipl.-Designer(FH) Erich Seifert
for always helping and supporting us through our project.

Any Questions?

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