If you want to support us in one of the named or other topics of drone development, please contact us. Every help is very appreciated.

Mechanics: horizontal stabilizer for fiber composite fuselage

  • design in OnShape
  • connection to the fuselage
  • control as watertight as possible
  • manufactured with CFRP / GFRP
  • positive construction with XPS core
  • negative design with negative form

Mechanics: detachable nose

  • design of a detachable nose
  • suitable, reversible seal
  • change of the battery

Mechanics: wings in fiber composite technology

  • design of the wings in OnShape
  • servo control of the ailerons
  • manufactured using fiber composite technology (positive construction with XPS core)

Mechanics: camera module for fiber fuselage

  • design of the camera window in the fuselage with OnShape
  • holder for Rasperry Pi camera v2
  • holder for Rasperry Pi Zero W
  • gluing acrylic glass / GFRP
  • double camera system

Electrics: replacement of LiPo by LiIon

  • construction of a battery from LiIons for the drive
  • appropriate connection technology and integration into the fuselage

Electrics: construction of the ground transmitter

  • contains: a telemetry transmitter, an UART-ethernet converter and a WiFi access point
  • design of a circuit board to connect all components
  • conception of a box for installation on the ship

Electrics: board computer circuit board

  • replacement of the Raspberry Pi Zero with a Rasperry Compute Module
  • connection for two cameras
  • alternatively: NVidia Jetson Compute Module

Software: Flight-Log Database

Software: QGroundControl “Return to Ship”

  • set up build environment for QGC
  • integration of return to ship function
  • plan and document releases for QGC
  • build QGC for MacOs, Linux and Android
  • installation on laptop and tablet

Software: QGroundControl “Sunposition dependent mission planning”

  • Integration of a library to calculate the sunposition at a specific GPS position at a given time
  • Calculation of the flightheading in the survey pattern at that position that the sun reflections in the images get minimized

Software: Diverse projects

  • Live automated mission replaning / circle above boat
  • Speedup wireless log download from flight computer
  • Automated optimization of mission planing based on known winddirection
  • Database to log and visualize flightlogs
  • Improvements on the SearchWing Pi/Drone Manager

Software: Imagerecognition (Berlin)

  • Thermal camera processing (De-Vignetting, detection, …)
  • Training of machinelearning based objekt detection algorithms (We have some data)
  • Integration and optimization of detection algorithms for flight/companion computer (Pi4)
  • Tracking¬† of detections
  • Improve flight image analysis software (javascript, node.js)