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William Tyndale
ca. 1494 - 1536



T h e   g o s p e l l
o f   S .   M a t h e w .


Page one of the uncompleted
Cologne edition (1525)
There is no title page
and the text extends only
to Math. xxii.12 (A-H)

T h e   g o s p e l l   o f   S .   M a t h e w .

      The fyrst Chapter.

Thys ys the boke of the generacion of Jesus Christ the sonne of David/ The sonne also of Abraham. *)

¶ Abraham begatt Jsaac:
Jsaac begatt Jacob:
Jacob begatt Judas and hys brethren:
Judas begat Phares:
and Zaram of thamar:
Phares begatt Esrom:
Esrom begatt Aram:
Aram begatt Aminadab:
Aminadab begatt naassaon:
Naasson begatt Salmon:
Salmon begatt boos of rahab:
Boos begatt obed of ruth:
Obed begatt Jesse:
Jesse begatt David the kynge:

¶ David the kynge begatt Solomon/ of her that was the wyfe of vry: **)
Solomon begat roboam:
Roboam begatt Abia:
Abia begat asa:
Asa begatt iosaphat:
Josaphat begatt Joram:
Joram begatt Osias:
Osias begatt Joatham:
Joatham begatt Achas:
Achas begatt Ezechias:
Ezechias begatt Manasses:
Manasses begatt Amon:
Amon begatt Josias:
Josias begatt Jechonias and his brethren about the tyme of the captivite of babilon.

¶ After they were led captive to Babilon/Jechonias begatt Salathiel:

Abraham and David are fyrst rehearsid/ because that christe was chefly promysed unto them.
Saynct mathew leveth out certeyne generacions/ & describeth Christes lincage from solomon/ after the lawe of Moses/ but Lukas describeth it accordyng to nature/ from nathan solomos brother. For the lawe calleth them a mannes children which his broder begatt of his wyfe lefte behynde hym after his dethe. deu. xxv.c.

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